Thursday, April 1, 2010

Old me, New me

It is ironic that when I read my last post, I have the same problem even now. The same exact problem you might ask?? Yes, I do! D and I always had the same argument that I do not know how to priorities things and I do not take responsible for the action that I did wrong. Well, before today, i would not have agreed with that bcoz of my hard headed mind. But after think it over for the night, I do agree with him. The reason behind this? Well, I guess I am too comfortable on where I am now. I never took up challenges anymore. I forgot to be the old me who strive to be the best in everything. I would not let other people pass me in any competition, if they do, I make sure I run and pass them back! I set targets, I strive to be the best. Then where is the old me? I never brought this up during our argument. Just blaming myself for how useless am I to think that this part of behavior, a positive behavior that I had, had lost in transition of all the bad behavior that I have. I used to be in-charge in everything! In making decisions for both parties when it comes to relationship, but where am I today? I am the one nodding and just leave the decision making to someone else.

Lets face it, my parents had given me just enough and I need to gain the extra. But when a prince charming come to rescue, I feel it is OK for me to be sluggish. Apparently not. I might come to realize it sooner or later, but the main point here is to wake up! Prince charming want that competitive side of me too!

Its time to strive and gain past glory.



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